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The Not-So-Good News, The Good News :D

Let’s start with the not so good news, ya?

Mom was recently down with stomach instestinal obstruction and had to be admitted. She has been discharged today though. All of us were quite worried because she had complained of cramps and pains but refused to see the doctor. Only on Monday when she could not bear the pain anymore that my sister brought her to CGH A&E and after several checks, discovered that her blood pressure was very high and also, through the xray the doctor discovered some obstructions in her instestines which were the reasons why her stomach was bloated, hardened and in pain 😦

A colonoscopy was orderd for Mom and she was very worried despite my sister telling her of the procedures and assured her that all will be fine. Mom will be under General Anaesthetic and we all know the side effects will be drowsiness which she did have 😦 However, through the colonoscopy the surgeon assured that there wasn’t any threat to her intestines and that it was an one off case *phew* Praises to Allah!

She is currently now resting at home. At times like this, I am grateful that I am still a SAHM currently. Thank you to all my Aunts and Uncles who were there for my Mom and took some time off to visit her.

That’s Mom and my cheeky nephew, Adam.. Alhamdulillah, All is Well now πŸ˜€

And… the GOOD news?

16 MORE DAYS TO?????????????

Holiday Villa in LANGKAWI!

Super cannot wait lah. The last time I went to Langkawi was like almost 10 years ago? I was told there are many changes in Langkawi including the traffic. There were NO traffic congestion when I went there but now, I heard it could be bad.. Hmm.. I hope I will not be stuck in it. Also, I have not arranged any renting of a car there.. I guess doing so in the airport should be fine too, right? πŸ˜€ We have no idea what we’re going to do there too. Errr.. guess this trip will be a laidback one and Sun, Sand & Sea?

After Langkawi, we’ll be heading to… PENANG!

It will be a Virgin trip to Penang for me and Hubby. There were 2 reasons whyyyy we decided to go to Penang too, apart from Langkawi. First reason…

We have always wanted to stay in Hard Rock Hotel. Our stay in Hard Rock Hotel Bali many years back was too awesome. We had wanted to try Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa but Festive Hotel was more appealing (LOL!) so this time, we did not wanna miss Hard RockΒ  Hotel Penang, without a doubt! Look at the swimming pool? I am sure we will be spending MORE time in the hotel than anywhere else (let’s NOT miss out on the night market too.. that stretches out along all the way in Batu Ferringhi..)

In Daniyal’s words, “I cannot wait lah. How many nights again??” πŸ˜€

Second reason? This..

Adventure Zone over at Shangrila Golden Sands Resort (10 mins drive from Hard Rock Hotel Penang)

I can’t help but think of my kids whenever we plan a holiday. Before we have kids, the itinerary would only be sightseeing, shopping, realxing yada yada yada but now that we have kids, I have to prioritise their interests and activities first. Almost all hotels that we’ve been to will need to cater for kids as well, such as Kids clubhouse, drawing, painting etc etc. If during our couple holiday, we would emphasize on sea activites eg: snorkelling, kayakking etc and shopping shopping and shopping,Β now, we are more than pleased to sit down, have a cuppa coffee while watching our kids at play. To some people, it may sound boring but to us, its a pleasure. We’re happy when our kids are happy, period.

I’d love to snorkel at Langkawi Coral but Aada and Aura hate speedboats maybe because they are fast and very noisy so, we’re going to give it a miss and probably visit the Underwater World, drive around Langkawi, try to find the HAFIZ ROJAK STALL at Pantai Kok and laze around. While in Penang, the kids will have their fair share of pool fun, kids club fun and in return, I’ll try to walk the entire stretch of night market in Batu Ferringhi and maybe, take a trishaw ride along Georgetown, I hope!

And I hope to enjoy my holiday and I hope, if you are escaping to anywhere during the June school holidays, you will have fun too. It does not matter WHERE you go, NEAR or FAR, but what matters most are the bond you forge during the holiday πŸ˜€

Till then, goodbye!